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How do I know what sort of wedding planning I need? 

There are so many options and different people call planners and their services different things; Wedding Planner, Wedding Coordinator, Day of Coordinator, Month of Coordinator, Wedding Producer, Wedding Designer... Full Service Planning, Partial Planning, Wedding Management, Coordination, Design, the list is endless. That is why everything that we do is completely customized to your needs. Contact us and we can set up a consultation to determine exactly what your planning needs are. 


Why don’t you give prices on your website?

Amy Greenberg Events planning experiences are all customized to you. Everyone needs something a little different and so it is important to us that we get as many details as possible to ensure an experience that is perfect for you. While much of what you need may be similar to other of our clients, yes, there are some fundamentals that are necessary regardless, no two events are the same. You are unique and so are your needs. Everything from your guest count, location, event duration, whether there are multiple days/parts/locations to consider, as well as whether you have already chosen your venue or not and how involved you want to be in your planning process all play a role in how we tailor our services to you. We don’t want to charge you for things you don’t need and want to make sure that nothing is left as a surprise add-on cost at the end. Your experience is everything to us and that is why we customize every experience.

I’m a self proclaimed A-,Type, I don’t want someone to come in and completely take over my wedding. How do you work with people like me?

I too am A-Type, so rest assured I speak control freak. My goal is to meet you where you are and make you feel as comfortable and looked after as possible throughout this wedding planning process. 

“As one of the most neurotic people in the world, it was inevitable that planning a wedding was going to be stressful for me. Thanks to Amy, I was actually able to relax and enjoy the big day. Not only because she handled everything perfectly (which she did!), but because I felt confident she would handle everything perfectly. Throughout the whole process, Amy was able to guide us with wisdom, kindness, tact and finesse. Amy is organized, responsive, knowledgeable and just an overall pleasure to work with.”

Harry R. married at Fig House  (The Knot 2019)  

What if my friend/family member offered to be my day-of-coordinator for my wedding?

That’s really sweet of them but we highly recommend you say, “no thank you.” There are several reasons that, quite honestly, this is not a good idea. You have, or are going to, spend countless hours planning your dream wedding. This type of production is not something you want to leave in the hands of wonderful, yet inexperienced, friends and family. You want to hire an expert that can expect the unexpected and create solutions before a problem arises. Your friends and family who offer to do this for you are incredibly generous for doing so, but let’s keep your relationships with them as beautiful as they are for them to offer in their help in the first place. You’re not expected to know what you don’t know about wedding planning and neither is the wonderful person who offered to help you out. Keep your loved ones as your guests and let them enjoy your special day with you.

How many planners are on-site the day of my event?

You will always have a lead planner and an associate planner on the day of your event. Your guest count and other event particulars will determine the size of the Amy Greenberg Events team on site the day of your event. Just like everything about our services, the team size is also fully customized to your event needs. 

We’re getting married in Los Angeles but live hundreds / thousands of miles away, can you still help?

Absolutely! Communication is key in all event planning and we're really good at it. We thrive on making sure we get to know you and your vision and ensure you feel as informed as if you lived just down the street. We are happy to schedule calls taking time zones into consideration and in-person meetings based around your visits. 

"Amy is outstanding. We planned our wedding from across the country (because why not add an extra layer!) and from our first phone call, it was clear that we were in the most capable of hands. She understood our vision and what was most important to us from the very beginning, and made it (with the clearest communication and to-do lists) a reality."

Madeleine M married at AJU Brandeis Bardin Campus  (WeddingWire 2020) 

Are you insured?

Most definitely! We are covered by an excellent company, RV Nuccio & Associates, who make sure we have more than the minimum dollar amount of coverage most often required by venues. We only work with insured vendors and will also help you, when the time comes, connect with the right day-of event insurance company for you.  

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